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Your Tutor:  Jun Kim
  • 50 Study Score Biology
  • Premier's Award Biology
  • 99.95 ATAR
  • High School Dux and Vice Captain
  • Current Monash Medical Student
  • Established VCE Biology Tutor
This is how I got a 50 study score 
I can help you do the same 
Dear Biology student:

You know the one thing that 90% of biology students I see complain to me about?



Because there’s just so much. Ask anyone who teaches or studies the subject, as soon as you think you’ve understood one topic, your teacher is 4 weeks ahead, your tutor is 2 weeks behind, and you’re ready to throw the towel in and give up.

There are entire websites and university courses and online resources dedicated to a single chapter out of your textbook. How much are you supposed to know before you’re studying university level biology thinking that’s what the exam will be on? Will you even finish covering all the content?

I’m not going to name any names, but there’s a selective school in Melbourne that has notoriously failed to finish the full biology course before exams.

This has happened in multiple years.

Exam time rolls around and they’re STILL trying to finish Unit 4, weeks behind schedule - leaving students stranded and stressed.

Nobody wants that problem.

But not many people know how to fix it. To get a high score you really need to know the VCE course inside out. 

But that’s the secret.

You don’t need to know biology inside out. 

You just need to know the VCE course inside out.

Learning every single little thing will get you nowhere if you don’t get taught EXACTLY how the VCE biology course works from the ground up. Studying hours upon hours of biology every day and cutting into your other subjects is worthless unless you’re studying the right things. I can tell you now - to get a 50 in biology you really only need to be on thing: efficient.

I don't believe in excessive note taking for biology. I believe in understanding
The entire biology course can be narrowed down into a few vital principles. If you spend your time learning these principles, truly understanding them and how to apply them - then you'll be able to tackle every exam question with ease.

As a tutor and a medical student, I can teach you these principles.

I teach my KIS students EXACTLY what they need to know on the exam, how to articulate their answers to get full marks on every question, and how to stop wasting time studying unnecessary material. I focus on the principles that actually get you marks.

Anyone who tries to do anything else is foolish. Your number one priority should be to get as many marks as possible on your SACs and exams; not to waste time packing useless information into your memory.

It’s time to change your approach to VCE Biology. I can help you do this. 
And for a limited time, I’ll do it all FOR FREE
This is how I studied to get a 50 
And this is how my most successful students succeed too:
In the Excellence Program you will Receive:
  • The KIS biology video repository which covers ALL of Biology units 3 and 4 (Value $997) the exact same content that a regular tutor or teacher would explain, only more succinct, easy to understand, condensed videos. These teach you WELL and they teach you FAST. They're the most efficient way to learn Biology 3/4 and beat the competition
  • Masterclass Program (Value $867) Get inside the minds of top students as Jun deconstructs the most difficult chemistry questions in the exclusive Masterclass program: Every week, Manoj will be uploading a new masterclass video as he explains some of the most complicated questions VCAA has thrown at its students
  • Example question videos (Value $200) illustrate how to apply key concepts and skills learned throughout the course. Consolidate your knowledge by trying them yourself, or watch and learn as your tutor explains the best way to approach various types of question.
  • Worksheets and notes (Value $50) that allow for students to freely write on them as they please. Worksheets can be used to work alongside video content, and if you need to review some information from the course, simply access the annotated notes to see exactly what Jun wrote during the video!
  •  VCE Strategy Consultation Call (Value $59) - We'll take into account your other subjects, goals for university courses, extracurricular activities and anything else that needs to be considered in Year 12, and provide you with personalised recommendations to ensure you get the highest possible ATAR!
    Total Value: $2273
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    ""I truly could not have asked for a better tutor this year. Jun is one of the rare people who manages to combine incredible intellect with exceptional communication skills and a good sense of humour. Not only does he know the course back to front (including what you do and don't need to study), he understands the best ways to communicate this knowledge to students, in an engaging manner. Jun is one of the best teachers I've ever seen, and seeking his help and advice proved invaluable to me""

    - Nathan S, 2017 Graduate
    Jun explains content extremely well and in a way that was easy to understand. He also gave me lots of confidence in my own ability. The best thing about Jun was that his recorded sessions about allowed me to focus on what I did well and what I struggled with, and at the end of the year, in preparation for the exam, I could focus on the parts I struggled with.

    -Thomas H, 2018 Graduate
    Jun is able to make Biology (a subject I find quite difficult) much easier to understand, which has really helped me immensely in the past year. He also cares about your progress and is always super friendly.

    Alice B, 2018 Graduate
    And I actually respond to student messages and questions! 
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    I'm so excited to help you get an amazing mark in biology at the end of the year, and I can't wait until you wake up on the 14th of December and be proud of the decisions you've made and the hard work you've put in. 
    From one student to another, I sincerely hope this course provides you with the tools and support to help you achieve your goals.

    I'll see you on the inside!!

    Always here to help,
    Jun Kim 

    Your Tutor, Jun Kim

    Hi everyone! I'm Jun, a medical student who spends a lot more time teaching than studying. With two full years of tutoring over 30 students under my belt, I'd love to use some of that experience to help you take a slightly easier road through VCE. 

    I graduated from Trinity Grammar in 2016 as School Vice-Captain and Co-Dux, with an ATAR of 99.95, including a 50 and Premier's Prize in Biology. I liked a lot of my subjects, Biology included, but Bio was one that I had to work particularly hard for because there was just so much to learn. Through that, I think I picked up ways to condense and restructure information to help it stay in my head more easily.

    These days, I balance studying and tutoring with lots of sport (mainly watching rather than playing), time away on little trips, and volunteering for a regional tutoring service called RESN.
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