A Step-By-Step Crash Course On How To Ace Health and Human Development 3/4, Get A 98+ ATAR 
And Get Into Any Uni You want
The HHD Crash Course gives you access to a High Performance program filled with resources valued at $2273.
Designed by a 50 scorer to help you become a 50 scorer
Course Length
  • 10 Modules 
  • Access until your exam
Course Goal
  • Mindset and Habits for VCE success
  • 45+ Study Score in HHD
Hurry! Enrolments are filling up!
Your Tutor: Piper Montag
  • ​50 Study Score HHD
  • 99.70 ATAR
  • Premier's Award HHD
  • Monash Medical Student
  • Established HHD Tutor
  • National Level Athlete
This is how I got a 50 study score 
I can help you do the same 
Dear health student:
Let me tell you from experience:
To score higher than everyone else in VCE, you need to study differently to everyone else.

Over the last few years, KIS Academics has spent hours upon hours talking to hundreds of high-performing VCE students who scored in the top 1% of the state and ended up in the most prestigious courses at the most prestigious universities.
All of them had something in common:

They did things differently to the other 99% of students. 

Using the secret formulas and unorthodox techniques these students revealed to us, we created the best VCE Health and Human Development program possible to propel you towards exam success and hack every aspect of year 12. 

We can't promise it'll be easy. 

It'll take discipline and courage and a whole lot of hard work.

But we'll tell you exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it.
Here's how our unique exam preparation course works:
Health and Human Development Exam Mastery in 6 Steps:
1. Strategy Call: Value $59
  • Call from one of our 99.95 ATAR tutors
  • Build a personalised exam strategy
2. Mindset Module: Value $150
  • Get in the head of a 50 scorer
  • The 3 Step Strategy for a top Study Score
3. Starterpack: Value $200
  • Worksheets for every module
  • Concise master-notes for exam revision
4. Video Program: Value $997
  • 10 Modules covering all of Units 3&4
  • Short videos you can watch anywhere
5. Masterclass: Value $748
  • Video of the hardest past VCAA questions
  • BONUS Practice exams + SACs
6. Community: Value $119
  • Contact Piper 24/7 
  • KIS HHD Facebook Community
Total Value: $2273
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Here's a summary of everything you get:
In just 10 modules, we'll help you score a 40+ in Health and Human Development 3/4, achieve a 98+ ATAR, and get into any Uni course you want. Here's how...
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Listen to what past students have said... 
This is one of the few Exam Revision Programs that actually WORKS
"Piper Montag has been tutoring me for the last 2 years in various subjects including Health and Human Development, and throughout this time my grades have improved dramatically. I found Piper's style of teaching really easy to understand as she has a good way of explaining and helping me understand concepts. I would highly recommend Piper to tutor any student who wants to achieve high grades. Piper has been a huge inspiration and role model to me and I know that other student would highly benefit from her help."

- Harper C, Current Year 12 Student
Piper has been tutoring me in Health and Human development. She is really focused on helping me achieve my best in my subjects. She is knowledgeable in so many areas and is very easy to understand when explaining ideas and concepts. I recommend Piper as a tutor as she works so hard to ensure that I understand my school work and puts me in the best possible position to achieve my goals.

-Jess B, Current Year 12 Student
"Piper is a hardworking, friendly and passionate tutor. She is outstanding at relating to other people regardless of who they are, and is great at communicating her ideas and knowledge and has the resources and teaching methods to help her students reach their VCE goals"

- Ben C, Current Year 12 Student
Here's why we're better than all the rest!
KIS Exam Preparation
  • Short Video content that you can actually understand and absorb. Rewatch anytime you need to
  • Ask your KIS mentor specific questions and even send them photos of problems, 24/7. All private!
  • Delivered by a 50 scoring high achiever. We've done it before so we can teach you how
  • ​A full set of concise, annotated notes, worksheets for you to follow along to, practice SACs and exams, and a full video library with over 35+ hours of content
Company Revision Lectures
  • 8+ hour lectures packed with unnecessary content that you'll forget the next day
  • ​Huge class sizes and you can't even ask any questions. It's uncomfortable putting your hand up in front of 300 people!
  • ​Delivered by a random tutor who is being underpaid, or not paid at all!
  • ​No materials to complete before, after or during the lecture! Why pay so much money for so little!
KIS Exam Preparation
  • $12.90 per  module - you don't pay KIS tutors for their time, you pay for their KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE
  • ​Access EVERYTHING, any time you want until the end of the year, on any device
  • ​Do it from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere at all
  • ​Unique insights and exam tips and tricks
Regular Tutoring Programs
  • $50 per HOUR. Doesn't matter if you only cover one concept during 1hr, you still have to pay the full fee
  • ​Can only access the tutor for one or two hours per week, and you can't review lessons
  • ​Travel time adds up as exams near
  • ​Lack of proper exam technique and high performance habits
BUT time is of the essence!
Hurry! Enrolments are filling up!
Enrollments for this exam-preparation course are almost gone!
Due to the nature and exclusivity of this course, we can't let every single HHD student in the state subscribe! So we're going to be releasing this course in limited runs. If you miss out now, you might not get a chance to access thousands of dollars worth of resources until October!
 Don't miss out on this opportunity to start accessing these resources for FREE

I'm so excited to help you get an amazing mark in Health and Human Development at the end of the year, and I can't wait until you wake up on the 14th of December and be proud of the decisions you've made and the hard work you've put in. 
From one student to another, I sincerely hope this course provides you with the tools and support to help you achieve your goals.

I'll see you on the inside!!

Always here to help,
Piper Montag

Your Tutor, Piper Montag

Hello! My name is Piper and I am a total nerd, sports fan and food enthusiast. I’m a current medical student at Monash University, where I’m working towards my passion of reducing health inequities between population groups in Australia and third world countries (all stuff you’ll learn in HHD!) Year twelve was my favourite year at school and it was through the devilish challenges that VCE sometimes threw at me that I discovered the secrets to survive and thrive in the crazy environment which we call year 12. It was these skills that allowed me to graduate with an ATAR of 99.70 and achieve a 50 in Health and Human Development and so my mission is to pass on these survival tactics to help you reach your goals too!

For me, the key to success is to work efficiently rather than slog for hours, and in a subject like HHD this is critical! The key to HHD is fall in love with the content and the marks come—it’s a subject where passion is integral and the ticket to success.

I’ve been tutoring Health for a couple of years now and have developed passion for helping kids find the tricks, acronyms and answer templates to make SACs and exams a breeze, which is what my videos are all about.
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